Barcelona newspaper reminds Ramos of the tears of Mohamed Salah ... as well as condemns


Real Madrid's steel defender Sergio Ramos fell to the ground during his team's match with Elche (2-1), Saturday, in the Spanish Football League, after he suffered the same arm tension that dropped the Egyptian Mohamed Salah three years ago and prevented him from completing the final match of the European Champions League for the 2017 season. -2018 succumbed to a shoulder injury.

The Elche Marconi player grabbed Ramos' arm and pulled him to fall on the ground inside the penalty area, which angered the Real Madrid captain, whose pro-Barcelona newspaper Mundo Deportivo monitored the dialogue that took place between him and the referee when Ramos said: "A penalty kick! Look at it, a very clear penalty kick to me." If he does not break my arm, it is a miracle .. He asked you to please look at the game .. I bet all I have is a penalty ... I will stay here (inside the penalty area) to shoot it. ”But referee Jorge Vasquez calculated the game a free kick against Ramos from the look First.

 The scene recalled the scene of Salah falling at the hands of Ramos in particular, as the Barcelona newspaper mentioned what he had done three years ago when he caused the Egyptian star to leave the stadium with tears covering his face in the 24th minute of the final dream.

Ramos had at the time justified his act as a normal interaction, by saying: "When I do something, everyone overreacts even though he grabbed my arm and fell on the other side," but the masses on social media platforms strongly criticized him.

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