On Monday, the final in the best of five matches between Brynäs and Luleå would begin.

So was it meant to be.

On Saturday, the hockey association, together with the clubs' medical team, made the decision to postpone the final game.

This is due to several positive corona falls at Brynäs.

- Brynäs has been found to have an ongoing spread of infection.

There are many parameters we must take into account, one of which is to first see where the spread of infection goes, says Gizela Ahlgren Bloom, sports director of SDHL, to the website.

- New medical assessments will be made in a few days and decisions will be made accordingly,

New game dates are not ready.

- Each case is unique and a further decision will be made on how we proceed.

A winner will be crowned even if it is later than planned, says Gizela Ahlgren Bloom.

CLIP: Brynäs favorite tipped before the final (March 12)

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Michela Cava can already see in front of her how she raises the dent above her head and celebrates the Swedish Championship gold.

Photo: Mikael Fritzon / TT / Jonathan Ferm