At the international table tennis tournament held in Qatar, the men's and women's singles finals were held on the 13th, and both Mima Ito and Tomokazu Harimoto, who have been nominated to represent the Tokyo Olympics, won the championship.

Ito, who is second in the world ranking, played against Singapore, who is 12th in the world, in the final of the women's singles.

Ito dropped the first game at the end of the deuce, and the second game also got 9 to 10 game points.

However, from here, he took 3 consecutive points with a strong smash and skillful receive, and turned around, taking 12:10.

From the 3rd game onward, we took 3 games in a row with various serves and highly accurate shots that surely hit a tough course.

Ito won the game count 4 to 1 and won the championship for the second time in a row, following last week's tournament.

In the men's singles, world No. 5 Harimoto played against the world No. 42 German player in the final.

Harimoto took two games in a row, and in the third game, he got the game point first with 10 to 8.

However, Harimoto dropped 12 to 14 at the end of the deuce, such as making a quick mistake against an opponent with a play style called "Cutman" who persistently returned the ball.

After that, in the 6th game, in which one game was played against each other, Harimoto scored 3 consecutive points from 8 to 8 with a skillful attack with slow and fast, and took 11 to 8.

Harimoto won the game with a game count of 4 to 2.

Strong Chinese players have forgotten to participate in this tournament, but while the future international tournament is uncertain due to the influence of the new coronavirus, Japanese men and women ace left a result in a valuable actual battlefield and headed for the Olympics. Showed power to the world.