(Beijing Winter Olympics) Major venues prepare for the "Meet in Beijing" series of winter sports event testing activities

  China News Service, Beijing, March 12 (Reporter Du Yan) In April this year, the Beijing competition of the "Meet in Beijing" series of winter sports events will be officially held.

At present, the major venues in the Olympic core area located in Chaoyang District, Beijing, are following the principles of "testing all tests, testing all tests" and "flexibly running games", preparing for battles in an orderly manner, focusing on testing the command system, facility flow lines, and epidemic prevention links. , Emergency response, etc., to ensure that the number of venues will not decrease, the standards will not drop, the epidemic prevention will not be loose, and the testing procedures will not be lost.

In April of this year, the "Meet in Beijing" series of winter sports events will be officially held in Beijing.

The picture shows the orderly preparations for the National Swimming Center.

Photo by Tomita

Six systems of testing activities

  The reporter learned that from April 1st to April 10th, curling competitions and wheelchair curling competitions will be held at the National Swimming Center, and 60 competitions are expected to be organized.

From April 2nd to April 9th, men’s ice hockey and Paralympic ice hockey games will be held in the National Stadium, and 12 games are expected to be organized.

From April 7th to April 10th, a speed skating competition will be held at the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium, and 14 competitions are expected to be organized.

The above 5 test activities are expected to have a total of 86 games.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the Beijing Chaoyang District Sports Bureau, in order to do a good job in organizing the Olympics and coordinate the integration of resources, the district has simultaneously established the 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Paralympics Chaoyang District in accordance with the "dual operation, dual access, and dual services". The operation support headquarters, which consists of an office (command and dispatch center) and 10 working groups, 1 district operation support headquarters and 11 work agencies, composed of the "1+11" command and dispatch body system to plan and dispatch five test activities to ensure testing The preparation of the event was carried out in a standardized, orderly and efficient manner.

  The testing activities will focus on six major systems, namely the command system, security system, internal operation system, emergency system, peripheral security system, and epidemic prevention and control system, which are divided into three levels and 17 items.

Among them, the eight items of headquarters operation, competition venues, facilities and equipment, competition procedures, celebration ceremonies, sports exhibitions, epidemic prevention closed-loop management and personnel registration work are carried out in accordance with the principle of Full-process testing; six items of medical rescue guarantee, safety guarantee, traffic guarantee, service guarantee, public area guarantee, media and broadcasting service, according to the principle of "grasp key links and control cost", carry out targeted tests.

The three items of Olympic (Paralympic) family services, concierge and emergency are tested in the form of tabletop exercises to ensure that the number of games will not decrease, the standards will not drop, the epidemic prevention will not be loose, and the test links will not be lost.

  "In this test competition, the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium will focus on testing competition organization and timing and scoring system, venue operation and command system, venue FOP ice surface and equipment, equipment and facility operation and guarantee, etc., involving venue management, venues and venues. There are 25 business areas including infrastructure, event services, technology, logistics, catering, and medical care.” According to the relevant person in charge of the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium, this is an important opportunity to better test the facilities of the venue and exercise the ability of the operation team.

Organizing events and preventing and controlling the epidemic

  Chaoyang District, Beijing is the site of the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympics, three competition venues and ten non-competition venues.

At present, 13 Winter Olympics venues are fully preparing for the Winter Olympics, the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium "Ice Ribbon" has been completed, and the National Stadium and National Aquatics Center have been renovated.

  The National Speed ​​Skating Stadium "Ice Ribbon" is the only newly-built ice competition venue. It was completed at the end of last year. The first ice-making work was completed in January 2021. Various preparations have been made for ice-making in the April test event.

  According to the relevant person in charge of the National Gymnasium, on the basis of the existing 8 barrier-free toilets and 16 barrier-free toilets, 6 barrier-free toilets, 25 barrier-free toilets, 16 barrier-free showers, and barrier-free toilets will be added. 12 ramps; 4 barrier-free elevators will be renovated, barrier-free seats and workstations will be remodeled in the seating area, press conference hall and various workshops, and low-level service desks will be set up in the venues.

At present, the first ice-making test of the National Stadium has been completed, and the official ice-making will be launched soon.

  The National Aquatics Center will promptly start the recruitment and construction of other temporary facilities such as power supply projects, barrier-free ramps, and technical integrated wiring.

  In the test content, the closed-loop management of epidemic prevention will be used as a special link to conduct test drills and continuously optimize the closed-loop management process.

Implement "one policy for one site, one policy for one museum", and formulate work guides for 7 types of scenarios including accommodation, catering, transportation, and security.

Improve the closed-loop management measures of "key areas are fully enclosed, position personnel are not overlapped, and monitoring and elimination must be timely".

Landscape enhancement will be initiated around the core area of ​​the Olympics

  Chaoyang District, Beijing, will start the upgrade of the urban environment landscape in the core area of ​​the Olympics.

The relevant person in charge of the Olympic Park Management Committee said that in the Olympic Center area, projects such as the upgrading of barrier-free facilities, the upgrading of lighting facilities and the lighting system will be implemented to achieve the quality improvement of lighting in key areas.

  In key Olympic-related areas, in accordance with the "Overall Work Plan for Urban Environment Construction and Urban Operation in Chaoyang District for the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics", the Chaoyang section of the "Five Districts, Four Lines and Three Peripherals" will be guaranteed for the Winter Olympic Games. The focus is to carry out comprehensive management of the city appearance and environment, centralized management of the "four major" orders, and strengthening of urban operation management.

  The person in charge emphasized that in 2021, Chaoyang District will actively take advantage of the unique double Olympic core area, sing the main theme of "National Fitness Assists the Winter Olympics", and further vigorously promote the popularization of ice and snow sports, popularize knowledge of the Winter Olympics, increase the population of ice and snow sports, and train More social sports instructors who master the skills of ice and snow sports will serve the Beijing Winter Olympics and Paralympics.

In 2022, more people will love to watch and understand all competitions.