This weekend, the cross-country World Cup ends in Engadin, Switzerland.

But it will be without Therese Johaug who chooses to stand over due to an inflammation in the wrist.

It's going well but I have to rest my hand for a few days, says Johaug himself in the press release.

The association writes that the decision was made in consultation with the coach and the health team.

Misses two races

- It was something she got after the World Cup.

She has felt it since we came here from Oberstdorf, says Ole Morten Iversen, national team coach, to VG.

Johaug would have driven 10 km classic today and 30 km hunt start on Sunday.

The Norwegian took four golds at the World Cup in Oberstdorf but had no chance of a World Cup victory as Norway chose to stand over many competitions due to the corona pandemic.

The ladies' 10 km starts at 15.30.

Ebba Andersson, Linn Svahn, Jonna Sundling, Emma Ribom, Maja Dahlqvist, Charlotte Kalla and Johanna Hagström drive for Sweden.

Before that, the men drive 15 km, start time 11.40.

CLIP: Therese Johaug pays tribute to Charlotte Kalla

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Therese Johaug's tribute to Charlotte Kalla: "A fantastic athlete"