[Explanation] In April this year, the "Meet in Beijing" series of winter sports events Beijing Division (Chaoyang) test activities will be officially held.

At present, the major venues in Chaoyang District and the core area of ​​the Olympic Games are preparing for the battle in an orderly manner.

On March 12, reporters from China News Service came to the National Stadium and National Aquatics Center to learn about the overall preparations for the test event, its operation, and the progress of the preparations for the Winter Olympics.

  [Concurrent] Feng Changlin, Deputy Director of Chaoyang District Sports Bureau

  For the "Meet in Beijing" series of winter sports events, the Chaoyang Organizing Committee of the Beijing Division will host 5 test events in April. From April 1st to April 10th, the National Swimming Center will host curling and wheelchair curling tests. , 60 matches are expected; from April 2 to April 9, the National Stadium will host both men’s ice hockey and para ice hockey events. The expected number of matches is 12; April 7 to April 10 , To host the Avenue Speed ​​Skating (speed skating) competition in the National Speed ​​Skating Stadium, and the expected number of competitions is 14 games.

  [Explanation] Yang Hongfu, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee, introduced that the testing activities will follow the principle of "all tests should be tested, all tests can be tested" and "flexible competitions", focusing on testing the command system, facility flow lines, epidemic prevention links, and emergency response. Disposal and other content.

In the test content, the closed-loop management of epidemic prevention will be used as a special link to conduct test drills and continuously optimize the closed-loop management process.

  [Concurrent] Yang Hongfu, Executive Deputy Secretary of Beijing Olympic Park Management Committee

  We take epidemic prevention and control as an important link to conduct test drills, continuously optimize closed-loop management measures, and improve closed-loop management measures that are fully enclosed in key areas, do not overlap personnel, and monitor and eliminate in a timely manner.

In the hotel arena where Chinese and foreign personnel appear together, we strictly separate the accommodation area and strictly divide the flow line to prevent personnel from crossing.

At the same time, individuals are required to strengthen their protection. All participants must wear protective masks and keep a safe distance.

Do a good job of daily safety and health monitoring, and timely disinfect and ventilate meeting rooms, restaurants, toilets, elevator rooms, etc.

  [Explanation] The first ice-making test of the National Stadium was completed in January 2021, and the official ice-making will be launched in the near future.

At the same time, the barrier-free measures of the National Gymnasium have also tended to be improved.

  [Concurrent] Wang Qiang, Manager of Communication Center of National Stadium Operations Team

  Our test activity is equivalent to the second ice making of the stadium. After ice making, this test event is also the first time our stadium has undertaken this kind of ice competition. This ice surface is also the first time that a sports team has accepted this test. .

In terms of barrier-free, because our site has added ice-making layer, the site is raised by 70 cm, so there is a height difference from the height of the corridor. We have set up barrier-free slopes at all height differences. Roads and ramps are set up in accordance with the requirements of the barrier-free guide; to increase the barrier-free seats to 168, we will build an barrier-free platform at each audience entrance, which can satisfy two wheelchair spectators and two escorts.

  [Explanation] The National Aquatics Center has also completed the renovation of its venues. It is currently the first venue in the world to achieve "water ice conversion". For this test event, the National Aquatics Center will undertake curling competitions and wheelchair curling competitions. It is expected to organize 60 competitions. .

  [Concurrent] Yang Qiyong, deputy director of logistics for the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics and Paralympics National Swimming Center

  We applied a new water treatment system for this test event, because the quality of the water will have a great impact on the final curling exercise and even the performance of the athletes. This system is brand new.

We will make an intelligent joint presentation of the ice making temperature of the entire air conditioning system, and then the data of the ice rink will be automatically fed back to the background machine.

Then we have a set of data criteria to prevent ice frost and ice sublimation, then use intelligent means to control the machine, and finally control the temperature and humidity of the site to protect the ice, then a more perfect presentation can be achieved.

Editor in charge: [Ji Xiang]