The Netherlands rose to seventh place on the UEFA coefficient list on Thursday due to Ajax's 3-0 win over Young Boys.

Because the current number seven Russia no longer has clubs in the European tournaments, the Netherlands will close the season in the top seven anyway.

That is the first time since the 2005/2006 season.

The seventh place on the coefficient list does not immediately result in better or more European tickets.

The seventh, eighth and ninth place is good for a ticket for the main tournament of the Champions League, a starting ticket for the third heat of the million ball, a ticket for the play-offs for the Europa League and two tickets for the preliminary rounds of the Conference League, the new European tournament.

Place six, which is firmly in the hands of Portugal, yields a lot more.

The Portuguese will receive six European tickets (the Netherlands now only has five): two for the main tournament of the Champions League, one for the third heat of the million ball, one for the group stage of the Europa League and two for the preliminary round of the Conference League. .

Number eight Netherlands now has 38,400 points - Ajax's victory was worth 0.4 points - and number seven Russia stands at 38,382.

If the team from Amsterdam advance to the quarter-finals, another 0.2 points will be added.

UEFA coefficient list

  • 1. Spain - 94,140 points

  • 2. England - 93,569 points

  • 3. Italy - 73,724 points

  • 4. Germany - 72,856 points

  • 5. France - 55,581 points

  • 6. Portugal - 48,149 points

  • 7. Netherlands - 38,400 points

  • 8. Russia - 38,382 points

  • 9. Belgium - 36,500 points

  • 10. Austria - 35,825 points

Russia, Belgium and Austria have already been played

The Netherlands does not have to fear anything from Russia this season and it is also beneficial that the clubs of number nine (Belgium) and ten (Austria) have all already been eliminated.

Number eleven Scotland (Rangers FC) and twelve Ukraine (Shakhtar Donetsk and Dynamo Kiev) are still active in Europe, but they are far behind the Netherlands.

Last year, the Netherlands closed the European season in tenth place.

A low point was the fourteenth place in 2018, when the champion of the Eredivisie no longer directly qualified for the main tournament of the Champions League.

The return between Ajax and Young Boys is next week on the Swiss artificial grass.

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