, Kuala Lumpur, March 11, a reporter learned from the AFC on the 11th that this year's AFC East Asian group stage will be postponed to June-July.

  The East Asia event was originally scheduled to be held from April 21 to May 7. The specific game date after the rescheduled date is still to be determined.

Among the five teams in East Asia, the F, G, and J group competitions will be held in Thailand, and the H and I group competition venues are to be determined.

  The qualifiers and play-offs in East Asia will be postponed accordingly.

  According to the latest grouping of the AFC Champions League, the Guangzhou and Beijing teams of the Chinese Super League are in Group J and Group I respectively. If the Shanghai Haigang team can enter the main match through the playoffs, they will enter Group F.

  The AFC West Asia competition will be held from April 14th to April 30th. The five group matches will be hosted by Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and India.