Even though it was Kläbo and Alexander Bolshunov who were in the eye of the storm when the five miles turned into washing dishes, protest, counter-protest, the appeal and so yesterday a withdrawal of the appeal on the initiative of Kläbo who was first in goal, Iversen was thrown into turbulence.

- It has been an extreme move.

I really tried to log out and relax.

I have tried to get a grip on what happened and tried to enjoy.

I have tried to take life in stride, drink some red wine and eat good food.

I have tried to land properly and not moved a meter since I got home, says Iversen who was home on Monday night to NRK.

It was only yesterday that he could certainly call himself world champion.

"Happy not to live in uncertainty"

- I am happy to avoid living in uncertainty.

It would have been painful to have to wait for months.

What would I say when people called me world champion?

Now it is a first place and it will be easier to meet people.

It's a nice feeling, says Iversen.

Kläbo was mentally exhausted after five miles and only yesterday was able to meet the press and explain why he turned around and withdrew his appeal.

- I have kept in touch with him in recent days.

It has, of course, been extremely difficult for him.

Absolutely brutal.

Although I also think it has been difficult, it is much worse for him, says Iversen.

"He gave me the gold"

Iversen thinks that Kläbo won on other levels - without getting the gold around his neck.

- It would not have been the same thing to become world champion this summer after it became a lawsuit.

The most important thing for Kläbo was what he got to show in the race.

He has now shown himself from a great side, all credit and thanks for that.

It helped me a lot that he actually treated me to the gold.