Deoksugo's pitcher Shim Joon-seok, who became a hot topic last year when he was a freshman in high school, shot 153 kilometers per hour and showed a special pitching that caught ten strikeouts from the first game of this year.

And he declared "Major League Challenge".

This is reporter Bae Jeong-hoon.

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Joon-seok Shim's first official appearance in his second year, major league Boston and all domestic scouts gathered.

Sim Joon-seok spewed a fiery fastball from a sturdy body of 193cm and 98kg, which did not match his young face yet.

With a fastball with a maximum speed of 154 km/h and a large curve with a drop of 110 km/h, which is faster than last year, a terrifying strikeout show was held.

He threw only 83 balls up to the 7th inning, caught 10 strikeouts, and showed off stable control enough to give only one of the walks and unfolded a good fight with three hits and zero runs.

[Sim Joon-suk/Duksu High Pitcher: (Struck out) I have to throw confidently without thinking, not subtracting, so it seems like a good result has come out.]

Joon-Suk Sim, who has already been evaluated as surpassing Ahn Woo-jin and Jang Jae-young, is'the 1st nomination of the related paper' If this disappears next year in the professional baseball rookie draft, the overall No. 1 nomination is certain, but he expressed his ambition to advance to the major leagues instead of the KBO league.

[Sim Joon-seok/Duksu-go pitcher: The role model is (New York Mets) Jacob D.Grom, (ball is fast) and the pitch is so good, so I'm going to try hard this year and go to the major leagues.]

The emergence of the'previous pitching prospect' is exciting the domestic and foreign baseball world.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, video editing: Lee Jeong-taek)