• The match, the numbers of the duel



say goodbye to the

Champions League

hit by a player marked for European football history:

Erling Haaland


Those of


lacked clarity in the construction and some fang above to transform their exciting start into goals, where they locked


in their area, and their heart end (2-2).


Narration and match statistics


The miracle is a delusion of faith.

You cannot ask the fan of a football club for measure, because in excess is their reason for being.

Hugging a shield, worshiping some colors, letting yourself smile on nights like today.

Europeanly sad


Pray in the morning and in the afternoon.

Wait, wait with fierce patience.

And then trust the talents of others.

Put our goals with his boots.

Sevilla tried it.

The first half hour of Borussia Dortmund-Sevilla FC was played on the wall of a pyramid.

At the base, goalkeeper Hitz was waiting, his goal fixed to the limestone.



Óscar Rodríguez

in the midfield, with Fernando and Jordán escorting him.


with Acuña on the left, Suso with Navas on the right.


up, putting pressure on the center


, the goalkeeper and even the ball boys.

A choking plan that worked.

The German team was uncomfortable as a fakir in a Lo Monaco commercial.

Impossible ends lead to melancholy, but Don Quixote from Seville was beginning to regain his reasoning.

The giants looked like mills again.

Diego Carlos

danced a slow dance with Haaland every time music played at the local festival.

In the 18th minute, Ocampos made a slalom from the wing towards the heart of the rectangle, gave the ball to Suso who, on the edge of the area, shot hard and wide.

The goal was not a utopia.




the goal as family tragedies are foreseen.

The Nervionenses were cheering each other on.

They believed.

They sweated because they believed.

They believed because they fought.

But Haaland appeared, the dream-scarer, the buffalo, the daily combat.

Haaland and arbitration surrealism

Between Koundé and Suso they lost a ball that reached


on 35. The German went into the area and passed the blondo striker, who crushed the net.

The goal was thunderous, like a metal tray falling into a school dining room.

Life was leaving for that wound.

After the break, no coach moved the bench.

The locals went for a goal that would end up blowing up the illusion of Seville.

And they got it, after a

chattering referee


Looking for perfection many mistakes are made.

Haaland scored, but there was a lack of Fernando.

Cüneyt Çakr went to check the VAR, but he did not see that play, but the previous one, a

grab from Koundé to Haaland

in the area.


The footballers did not understand anything.

The penalty was thrown, which


brutally stopped down, also responding to the rejection.

The play continued, but the referee stopped the game again.

Bono had gone ahead.

The penalty was repeated.

Haaland threw it to the same side again, but this time Bono missed.

The party splintered.

The 2 to 0 was enough


The comeback was a cruise seen from the beach.

Lopetegui gave entry to

De Jong and Papu Gómez


Sevilla did not stop attacking.

Between weariness and honor, they clung to the latter.

Emre Can dropped De Jong in the area.

The referee did not hesitate and signaled a penalty.

En-Nesyri requested it, who had not had much presence in the game, and he shot it perfect, powerful and impossible for the Swiss goalkeeper of Dortmund.

Those of Terzic began to lull the game, sing lullabies, rock it.

Sevilla was a bristling cat that scared but did not scratch.

Goodbye to Europe, welcome to the local derby.


goal of En-Nesyri at the last minute

only served to desgañitar to Lopetegui and make believe for a second that miracles, miracles ay exist.

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