At just 22 years old, France's Perrine Laffont won the only title missing from her record by becoming world champion in mogul skiing in singles on Monday in Kazakhstan.

At the microphone of Europe 1, the Ariégeoise is delighted with this new outcome in her fruitful career, and ensures that she will be able to ski even more liberated, Tuesday, for the ski event in parallel. 

Already well stocked, Perrine Laffont's track record was further expanded on Monday.

On the track in Almaty, Kazakhstan, the French won the title of world champion in mogul skiing in singles, the last major title she missed, at just 22 years old.

But on Europe 1, the sportswoman warns: if this new title constitutes a real result, there is no question for her to stop there. 


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"This medal was a source of motivation, and it is what allows me to always have something to seek, to improve myself", confides Perrine Laffont, who was already Olympic champion, winner of the World Cup and parallel world gold medalist.

"But that does not mean that now that I have it, I no longer have any motivation at all", assures the Pyrenean, who had tears in her eyes on the podium.  

This victory, obtained after a perfect descent, was not really a surprise.

Perrine Laffont's last defeat dates back to January 2019 when she finished second behind Australian Anthony Jakara.

"Make me happy even more"

With this new title and freed from the pressure, "I will ski even more with my heart [Tuesday], and even more enjoy myself, not thinking about the result," continues the young skier.

Because from Tuesday, the champion will put on her skis and aim for a new victory in parallel, an event in which she is the reigning double world champion. 

"In principle, when I do not think about the result, it goes well", she concludes.

His future adversaries are warned.