Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels participated as a batter in the open game against the Mariners on the 7th, marking 1 hit in 2 at bats and 3 consecutive hits.

Otani pitched for the first time in the open game as a pitcher on the 5th of this month, rested on the 6th, and started in the open game with the Mariners in Arizona on the 7th as the third designated hitter.

Otani scored a RBI by hitting a big sacrifice fly called a home run to the center with a chance of 1 out 1st base and 3rd base in the 1st at bat in the 1st at bat and the 2nd at bat in the 3rd inning.

After that, he expanded his chances by hitting a hit from the left pitcher in front of the left in the third at bat in the 5th inning, which was greeted with no out first base.

In this game, Otani hit three games in a row as a batter with one hit and one RBI in two at bats, and appealed for smooth adjustments toward the revival of dual wield throwing.