Busan kt, 5th place in professional basketball, grabbed the lead Jeonju KCC and entered the playoffs.

Heo Hoon flew with a double double record.

Alexander, who received a pass from KT Heo Hoon, hits a dunk shot.

Heo Hoon made an onslaught on KCC, who had never won this season.

With Brown's pass, Park Joon-young scored the goal, and this time, Heo Hoon's pass was finished with Brown's dunk.

KT, who led the lead throughout the game, beat KCC to 104 to 95 and widened the gap with the 7th place Samsung to 3.5 games, entering the stable for the semifinal playoff.

Heo Hoon wrote a double double with 25 points and 12 assists, and Kim Young-hwan added 22 points and Park Jun-young also added 19 points.

KCC, who was defeated for the second time in a row, narrowed the gap with 2nd place Hyundai Mobis to 1 game, putting the leading position in jeopardy.