"The King" did not taste the last four rounds of the league

Sharjah faces victory in the "Fate and Restoration" match

Al-Nasr brought Sharjah out of the cup competition at last, with three goals.

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Today, the Sharjah team is a heavy guest on the glowing victory in the recent period, in the most prominent confrontations of the 19th round of the Arab Gulf League, at Al Maktoum Stadium in Al Nasr Club, at 20:15.

The match is considered pivotal, and it is almost fateful for Sharjah, eight rounds before the conclusion of the tournament, whose title is "the king".

And after Sharjah lost a lot during the last period, most notably three local championships (the Super Cup, the Arabian Gulf Cup, and the President's Cup), in addition to losing the top of the league, today's match may be a lifeline for the technical staff and the team, if he wants to return to competition and stay close. From the lead, which he lost after he was tweeting by five points at the end of the first round.

The match will also be of great importance to Sharjah, as he seeks to restore his consideration after the three-painful loss of Al-Nassr, which resulted in the President's Cup bidding farewell.

This is in addition to the fact that Sharjah has not tasted victory in the last four rounds, losing twice and tied in the same.

The pressure on Sharjah's players and coach Abdulaziz Al-Anbari to correct the situation became great, especially after the negative results finally came to light.

On the other hand, Al-Nasr succeeded in the last three tests, which resulted in reaching the final of the President's Cup and the Arab Gulf Cup, and achieving two successive victories in the league, which restored the team's prestige with the new technical leadership of Argentine coach Diaz.

A victory today would push the victory closer to the top of the standings, as it has 33 points in its balance, four points behind Sharjah.

Any result other than the three points, will significantly distance the team from the competition for the league title, and from the opportunity to finish the season with an Asian card.

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• Sharjah has said farewell to all championships, and it remains for him to defend his title in the league.

• Al-Nasr enters the match ecstatic, with its recent victories, and reaching the final match of the two cup tournaments.

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