Michael van Gerwen is confident that he can win his first tournament of the year at the UK Open on Sunday.

The number two in the world has a good feeling about his victory over José de Sousa in the eighth finals.

Van Gerwen achieved an excellent average of 99.72 points, but it was not easy against the Portuguese, who is the global number fifteen.

Only in the nineteenth leg the decision was made (10-9).

"I helped him in every way and can only blame myself for being so


. I have to try to get a little positivity out of it, although that is not always easy", said Van Gerwen after his win against



"I want to win the tournament here and I have to make sure that I continuously show the good Michael, even under pressure. I want a lot from myself and I put a lot of pressure on myself. That's not always fair, but that's just how I am. . "

That pressure did not lead to a tournament victory in 2021.

Van Gerwen was eliminated in the semifinals of the World Cup on New Year's Day and stranded at The Masters and the first four editions of the Players Championships.

'Always getting used to new arrows'

Van Gerwen, who is still the only Dutchman at the UK Open, has not played with new arrows in Milton Keynes for the first time in recent months.

The three-time world champion is still a bit searching with his material.

"It always takes some getting used to with new arrows. We are working a lot to find the right set-up. The manufacturer does a good job for me, but I am also very demanding. Ultimately I can play with any set-up, but it is also 'in the head' ”, he says.

"All in all I am taking good steps and I am not far from my top form. It is going well and the arrows are falling well. I am confident."

Van Gerwen will play against Krzysztof Ratajski in the quarter finals of the UK Open.

Simon Whitlock-James Wade, Gerwyn Price-Devon Petersen and Dave Chisnall-Luke Humphries are the other quarter-final players.