With 19 days left until the start of the Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Holy Fire, Fukushima Prefecture, the starting point, will support reconstruction on behalf of the male victims who declined in connection with the issue surrounding the remarks of former Chairman Mori of the Games Organizing Committee. The man who has been active will be the runner.

Also, when I reconfirmed my intention to join the runners by postponing the torch relay, I found that the popular group "TOKIO" and actor Masataka Kubota declined.

The Tokyo Olympic Torch Relay will start J-Village in Fukushima Prefecture on the 25th of this month, and will travel 265 sections of 26 municipalities in the prefecture in three days before traveling nationwide.

The executive committee of Fukushima Prefecture has a total of 66 slots, including a "recommendation slot" for seven celebrity runners related to Fukushima and a "public recruitment slot" in which one person from each of 59 municipalities in the prefecture participates as a person related to Fukushima. Is assigned.

When Fukushima Prefecture confirmed its intention to participate again due to the postponement of the torch relay for one year due to the influence of the new coronavirus, although it will continue to participate in the 63 slots, a new celebrity runner has declined. I found out that I did.

Those who declined were "TOKIO" who was scheduled to run in Minamisoma City as the final runner on the first day, and Masataka Kubota who was scheduled to run in Fukushima City as the main character in NHK's serial TV novel "Ale". It is also because of the schedule.

In addition, a man from Fukushima Prefecture declined because he was not satisfied with the response to the issue surrounding the remarks of former Chairman Yoshiro Mori of the Games Organizing Committee, but he has continued activities to support the reconstruction of Fukushima, which had been decided as a "replacement". A 69-year-old former teacher has been replaced by a runner.