China News Service, Dalian, March 6 (Reporter Yang Yi) The reporter learned from the Dalian Football Association on the 6th that the famous Chinese football coach Chi Shangbin died of illness on the afternoon of the 6th in Dalian, Liaoning, at the age of 72.

He led the Dalian Wanda football team to set a record of 55 unbeaten matches in the professional league and twice won the championship of the top Chinese professional football league.

  Chi Shangbin was born in Dalian, Liaoning in 1949. He joined the Dalian Youth Football Team at the age of 15. He was selected as the Liaoning Youth Football Team in 1969 and the National Football Team in 1970.

During the 12 years from 1970 to 1982, Chi Shangbin represented the national football team in many major competitions such as the Asian Games, the Asian Cup, the Olympic Games and the World Cup qualifiers. He served as the captain of the national team for eight years.

  In 1982, Chi Shangbin entered the Beijing Institute of Physical Education to study exercise physiology after retiring, and he began his coaching career after graduation.

In 1994, Chi Shangbin coached the Panasonic high school team in Japan and led the team to win the league championship.

In July 1995, Chi Shangbin returned to Dalian from Japan to serve as the head coach of the Dalian Wanda football team. Under his leadership, the Dalian Wanda football team won two championships in the top Chinese professional football league and created 55 consecutive unbeaten games. The impressive record.

  Since then, Chi Shangbin has coached Sichuan Quanxing, Xiamen Yuanhua, Henan Jianye, Jiangsu Sainty, Shenzhen Jianlibao and other domestic teams.

After retiring from Dalian Sports School in Liaoning Province, Chi Shangbin has served as the chairman of the Staff Football Committee of the China Enterprise Sports Association since 2017.

The picture shows Chi Shangbin.

Photo courtesy of Dalian Football Association

  Zhang Jiashu, executive committee member of the Chinese Football Association and former deputy general manager of Dalian Wanda Football Club, said that as a representative of Dalian’s football city, Chi Shangbin’s dedication and love to the city, selflessness, dedication, and fearless spirit in coaching are The precious spiritual wealth left to Dalian and the Chinese football community.

"Regardless of whether football succeeds or fails, I will keep going until I get old." This is a saying often said by Chi Shangbin. It is not accidental that the 55 games are unbeaten. It is the older generation represented by Chi Shangbin. A legend created by the dedication of football players.

  The Dalian Football Association issued an obituary on the same day that Chi Shangbin devoted his life to football and made outstanding contributions to Dalian football, Liaoning football, and Chinese football. His death was a great loss for the Chinese football community.