Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels pitched for the first time as a pitcher in the open game on the 5th, pitched halfway in the second inning and struck out all five outs with one goal.

This season, Otani, who is aiming for a dual wield revival of hits, has participated in the open game as a batter so far, and has been doing well, hitting two consecutive hits including home runs.

On the 5th, he was the first pitcher to start in the open game against Athletics in Arizona.

Otani made a two-base hit and a two-out first base and second base with a walk, but he struck out with a walk from the 5th batter and survived the pinch.

In the following two innings, he lost one point by hitting a two-base hit from one-out second base, but when he took the fifth strikeout of this game from the following batter, the number of balls exceeded 40 and he got off the mound. ..

In this match, Otani threw one and two-thirds innings, three hits, one run, and two walks, and all five outs were struck out.

In addition, the ball speed marked 161 km at the fastest, and we made progress toward the revival of dual wield throwing.

After the match, Otani said, "I thought I'd go relatively light because it was the first time, but I was glad that the number of balls was thrown well and I could only experience the situation with a runner on my back. It was a lot of fun." It was.

On top of that, "I'm happy because the straightness was relatively good and the split was particularly good. The slider that went to get the count was not good. The ball that went to the decision was strong, so that is unique to the actual battle. I think, "he was analyzing his pitching.