• Chronicle: The judges leave Spain without a double in the 1,500 meters

At dawn,

Jakob Ingebrigtsen

lived through the 'déjà vu', again in them, at his age, only 20 years old.

In 2019, during the Doha World Cup, he already spent several hours between judges, appeals and videos and, on that occasion, he already got his way.

In the 5,000-meter tie of what would be his first duel with the African athletes, the Norwegian prodigy has already stepped off the track, was disqualified and had to claim.

He hadn't taken advantage, he claimed.

And the referees gave him the reason to return him to a final in which he would finish fifth.

This Friday his arguments had the same effect.

After losing it for a couple of hours, the gold of the 1,500 meters of the Indoor European Championship in Torun returned to his hands despite a footprint where it did not touch.

He half celebrated it after the bustle and returned to his plan: the double of the 1,500 and 3,000 meters, that is, to be the star of the championship.

An objective that he had threatened to forget if the judges did not heed his claims.

"The decision is still under consideration, but if it is upheld and I lose the gold, I think I will go home. I do not know if I will run tomorrow given this situation, because the 1,500 meters were my main objective," he commented while deliberating the Court of Appeal of the European indoor.

"The rules are on my side. There is a paragraph in the regulations that says if you are pushed off the track and it is not your fault, then everything is fine. I don't think I did anything wrong, there were just too many athletes in the race. I spoke with

Michal Rozmys

(Polish rider who finished fifth) after the race. Nobody tried to push the other, it just happened that there were many of us. In the end, I kept a good distance with

Marcin (Lewandowski)

so that I could react if he attempted an attack. I was aware of what had happened and that they could try to disqualify me, "added the Norwegian while the final runner-up, Lewandowski, recalled that the same thing happened to him at the 2014 Sopot Indoor World Cup and one of the two Spaniards who benefited from the Ingebrigtsen's disqualification was on his side.

"It can happen to anyone and perhaps it has had no benefit," said

Ignacio Fontes

, fourth classified, who was left without bronze.

"A few years ago it happened to [Óscar] Husillos and in Spain it was said that it shouldn't be, it's the same here," he added while waiting for the decision that would leave him without the first great podium of his career.

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