Stina Nilsson has been responsible for several fine efforts in the IBU Cup.

But according to the national team's coach Johannes Lukas, she is not relevant for the World Cup.

- Right now she is not relevant, Lukas told SVT Sport a few weeks ago.

- It feels like she can do better and better now.

Of course, there is still a boom too much to get a top result, but we are at least happy with her success.

She's on her way but she still needs a lot more time.

But during Saturday's sprint in Nove Mesto, the Swedes shot themselves off on the dike.

Linn Persson became the best Swede in 21st place - Hanna Öberg finished in 36th place.

"Stina should get the chance"

SVT's expert Björn Ferry now wants to see Stina Nilsson in Östersund - considering that the IBU Cup ends a few days earlier.


I think Stina should get the chance, says Ferry and continues:

- In

terms of shooting, it has looked good at times.

She has had to go relay as well.

And the whole purpose is for her to compete a lot during the season so that she gets that experience.

Between March 18-21, the World Cup will be held in Östersund.

ARCHIVE: Stina Nilsson shot away in the European Championships (January 30, 2021)

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Stina Nilsson.

Photo: Bildbyrån.