Armand Duplantis is one of seven Swedes who qualify in Saturday's morning session.

5.75 is required for "Mondo" to reach the final.

Swedish highlights during Saturday's trial session:

10.04: Stave / Qual (h) Armand Duplantis

10.18: 60 m / try (h) Odain Rose

11.25: 3000 m / attempt (h) Vidar Johansson, John Foitzik, Jonatan Fridolfsson

12.10: 60 m hurdles / attempt (d) Julia Wennersten

13.05: 60 m hurdles / attempt (h) Max Hrelja

13.50: 60 m / semifinal (h) ev Odain Rose

Comments are made by Niklas Nord and Alhaji Jeng.

You can watch the broadcast in the player above or in SVT1 10.00-13.00 or in SVT Play 10.00-13.45.