Most suggest that Saturday's three-mile run in classic style at the WC in Obersdorf will be a deal between the great Johaug and the two Swedish challengers in Andersson and Karlsson.

Just as it usually is.

How then to beat Johaug?

Frida Karlsson did it in last year's World Cup final in Holmenkollen.

- It is always about getting your best performance yourself.

I can not influence how she rides.

I will focus on getting into the ride well and be quick-thinking.

Tomorrow I will make a real plan, she says. 

Refuses to reveal anything

It is not entirely unbelievable that Karlsson and Andersson get to collaborate in the hunt for Johaug.

Even if the Swedes do not want to reveal an inch of the tactical approach.

- Now we have not had time to put together a common plan for tomorrow.

We will put it safely during the evening.

If there is an opportunity to help, it can definitely be relevant, says Ebba Andersson.

When Frida Karlsson that time almost a year ago broke Therese Johaug at home, she had changed skis after half the race.

SVT: Can there be a ski change again?

- Should I stand here and reveal the tactics?!, Says Karlsson and shakes his head.

No, the Swedes' plan to beat Johaug remains a secret.

- We will talk to each other tonight, it was a winning tactic last time so we will probably have a good plan, says Frida Karlsson.