Yoshitomo Tsutsugo of the Major League Baseball, Rays, started in the open game against Pirates on the 3rd and defended the first in the Major League Baseball for the first time.

Tsutsugo started in the 5th first in the open game against Pirates in Florida, choosing a walk in the first at bat in the second inning and a walk on the first base in the second at bat in the fourth inning. I expanded my chances.

Tsutsugo was a no-hitter in this game with one at bat and one walk, and was a no-hitter for three consecutive games.

He also defended first in the major leagues for the first time in this match and retired to the bench from five defenses.

Gosuke Kato Three Run Home Run

Gosuke Kato, who has a minor contract with the Padres, took part in the open match against Brewers in Arizona and hit a three-run home run.

Kato, who participated in the 6th inning as a substitute runner, took the first turn at bat with a chance of 1 out, 1st base and 3rd base in the 7th inning, and hit a three-run to carry the fastball of the opponent's right pitcher's out course to the left middle stand. I did.

Kato appealed for promotion to the major leagues by playing an active part in this game with 1 at bat and 3 RBIs.