Mueller reveals his suffering with the Corona virus and his move to live in the guest room

Bayern Munich star Thomas Mueller revealed his suffering after being infected with the Coronavirus and how he moved to live in the guest room in his basement in order to avoid transmitting the virus to his wife, after his positive tests came out.

The 31-year-old said he felt unwell after contracting the "Covid-19" pandemic, ahead of the Club World Cup final, which the Bavarian club defeated Tigres of Mexico 1-0 last month.

The wing missed the sixth title in one season in a historic achievement for Bayern, being in quarantine, before returning to Germany on a private plane to quarantine himself at his home in Munich.

"In order to avoid transmitting the infection to my wife, I stayed in the guest room in the basement (of my house) and did not come into contact with other people," Mueller wrote in a message published publicly.

And he added, "Fortunately, I had a moderate course of the disease with symptoms for two or three days, similar to flu-like symptoms."

Mueller ate his meals behind a glass plate that separated him from his wife.

"It was fun to eat in the basement corridor - but all went well, as I found out," he said.

Mueller returned to Bayern exercises last Thursday after a medical examination to ensure his recovery, after spending two weeks in stone.

His return was a success, as he passed a decisive ball to fellow Polish striker Robert Lewandowski after entering the second half of the 5-1 victory over Cologne in the 23rd stage.

And his teammates, midfielders Leon Goritska, Spaniard Javi Martinez and French defender Benjamin Pavar, joined the list of people infected with the Corona virus since the beginning of the season.

Bavar was the last to set foot on the pitch during training on Wednesday, while the other three played matches with the Bavarian jersey after their recovery.

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