The Dutch equestrian federation KNHS wants to bring back to the Netherlands the horses that were left behind at a show in Valencia due to the outbreak of rhinopneumonia.

The union is very concerned about the situation in the Spanish city.

"The situation there is very serious and our riders run into a lot of problems", says Iris Boelhouwer, top sport director of the association.

It concerns twelve horses, which are brought out by three riders from one stable.

Half are showing clinical signs, the others are healthy.

"The problem is that in Spain it is not fast enough to place the horses in small groups", continues Boelhouwer.

"The horses are in large populations together and then the virus cannot be eradicated. This means that it is very difficult to get away."

"Whenever an animal becomes infected, they all have to go into quarantine for 28 days. Together with Germany and France, we try to find a solution as quickly as possible. Our people there are troubled. many restrictions. "

According to Boelhouwer, traveling back to the Netherlands can be done in a very responsible way.

"The riders have several trucks with them. They can therefore separate the horses that have been tested negative from the animals that have found positive. Once in the Netherlands, we can immediately quarantine them. The riders are professionals and know how to deal with this situation. To hang out."

No virus related to Valencia has yet been discovered in the Netherlands

In the Netherlands, no Valencia-related outbreak of nasal pneumonia has yet been detected.

All horses that have returned from the Spanish city in recent weeks have tested negative.

The virus has now been found in two horses from Germany at a show in Doha.

However, according to Boelhouwer, this is not the result of errors.

"Those animals first went from Valencia to Germany at the beginning of February and traveled back home to Doha after a week and a half."

"When the infection became known in Valencia, these horses were immediately put in isolation. There were 21 days between infection and showing symptoms, which is a very long time."

The KNHS decided on Wednesday to suspend all top sports training in the Netherlands for two weeks due to the advance due to the rhinopneumonia virus.

The measure followed the decision of the international equestrian sports organization FEI to cancel all international competitions in Europe until the end of March.