SK Wyverns, a prestigious club that enjoyed the era of professional baseball, has completely disappeared into history.

Shinsegae Group E-Mart, which takes over the SK club, pays all the balance today and closes the acquisition process.

The SK team will be active under the name of'SK Wyverns' only until this day, and will be reborn as a new club from the 6th.

The players will completely take off their SK uniforms today (5th).

We are saying goodbye to SK at the end of the Spring Camp Cheongbaekjeon held at Gangchanghak Baseball Stadium in Seogwipo, Jeju Island.

Coach Won-hyung Kim and Captain Lee Jae-won will return the SK uniform after the game, and all of the players will chorus with the team’s representative cheering song'Coastal Pier'.

The club is ready to meet the new operating entity, Shinsegae Group E-Mart.

The SK Wyverns homepage has been closed, and various videos and materials in the SNS account will be transferred to the Shinsegae Group E-Mart club account.

An official from the club said, "The related work is in progress," and said, "Because the club is taking over, not closing its doors, various materials in the SK era will be inherited as it is."

The name of the new club will be announced as early as the 5th, and'SSG Landers' is the dominant.

Shinsegae Group E-Mart applied for a trademark right last month called'Landers' and registered the domain''.

Shinsegae Group's E-Mart team becomes a full member after approval by the Korean Baseball Committee.

New uniforms will be released during the competition period.

At the beginning of practice and demonstration games, the'Incheon Army uniform' worn for the last season's event is worn.

(Photo = Yonhap News)