The Wheel: We discovered a financial deficit of 40 million dirhams in Sharjah Club

The head of Sharjah Football Company, Abdullah Al-Ajlah, said that after the administrative change that took place in the club, they discovered that there was a financial deficit in the club amounting to 40 million dirhams, which prompted them to take several decisions, stressing that they would not accept dumping the club in debts, indicating that the salary of the former Sharjah player and victory The current Ryan Mendes in Sharjah was one million and 450 thousand euros and demanded the sum of one million and 800 thousand euros in exchange for renewing his contract to stay at the club with the addition of a year in his contract.

The wheel revealed in statements to the Sports Line program in the "Sharjah Sports Channel" that the value of the player Caio Lucas' transfer to the badge in the final form is 10 million euros, considering that this amount can be negotiated, pointing out that the offer made to the player Majid Sororu before his injury is the same after Being injured.

Al-Wheel stressed that there is no delay in the salaries of players or belonging to Sharjah club

The wheel pointed out that the injuries, absences and cases of corona in the ranks of Sharjah were what caused the team to leave the three tournaments and retreat in the league.

"The injury of any player does not mean that Sharjah club will withdraw from renewing his contract," Al-Ajlah said.

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