Stade Brestois - Dijon: Stade Brestois wins at home 3-1 against Dijon -

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The 28th day of Ligue 1 saw Stade Brestois and Dijon face off at the Francis-Le Blé stadium.

The match ended with a 3-1 result for Stade Brestois.

We will remember the big match between Jean Lucas and Honorat, who marked the meeting of their three assists (two for Jean Lucas and one for Honorat) and Honorat's goal.

Dall'Oglio chose to place his Brest group in classic 4-4-2, with Mounie and Cardona in attack to face the usual 4-3-3 of Linares.

Dall'Oglio's men opened the scoring in 17th by Honorat, on a service from Jean Lucas.

Then, with Mounie's goal in the 27th, on a service from Honorat, the Stade Brestois took place.

Immediately after, in the 29th, Dijon regained hope in this meeting thanks to Assalé.

Finally, the last goal of the match was scored by Cardona on a service from Jean Lucas in the 40th.

No other goal will have been scored in the second half.

A yellow card was distributed to Brassier, as well as to Eric Ebimbe, Charbonnier and Perraud.

Stade Brestois therefore takes three points, which allows players to reach 12th place in the standings, ahead of Bordeaux.

Dijon goes down in the ranking and therefore finds itself in the red lantern of Ligue 1.

Stade Brestois and Dijon: the next matches

Stade Brestois will play against OM at the Orange Vélodrome on March 13 at 5 p.m.

Bordeaux will face Dijon on March 14 at 3 p.m., at the Gaston-Gérard stadium.

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The match sheet

Stade Brestois - Dijon: 3-1 (3-1 at half-time)

In Brest (Francis-Le Blé stadium), March 3, kick-off at 7 p.m.

Dijon coach: David Linares

Composition from Dijon: Anthony Racioppi (1), Fouad Chafik (26), Bruno Ecuele Manga (25), Wesley Lautoa (24) (then Yassine Benzia in the 83rd), Senou Coulibaly (5), Glody Ngonda Muzinga (3), Didier Ndong (22), Mama Samba Baldé (17), Frédéric Sammaritano (7) (then Eric Junior Dina-Ebimbe in the 78th), Roger Assalé (15) (then Pape Moussa Konate in the 78th), Bersant Celina (9)

Stade Brestois coach: Olivier Dall'Oglio

Composition of the Stade Brestois: Gautier Larsonneur (1), Julien Faussurier (22) (then Ronael Pierre-Gabriel in the 81st), Romain Perraud (18), Brendan Chardonnet (5), Lilian Brassier (3), Paul Lasne (8) , Jean Lucas de Souza Oliveira (6), Steve Mounie (15), Irvin Cardona (14) (then Romain Faivre in the 74th), Gaëtan Charbonnier (10) (then Haris Belkebla in the 74th), Franck Honorat (9) ( then Jérémy Le Douaron in the 81st)

Goals: Honorat (17th), Mounie (27th), Assalé (29th), Cardona (40th)

Warnings: Brassier (22nd), Perraud (28th), Charbonnier (62nd) for Stade Brestois, Eric Ebimbe (84th) for Dijon

No player sent off

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