The Tokyo Organizing Committee for the Olympic and Paralympic Games has appointed 12 new female directors, including Naoko Takahashi of the Women's Marathon, and raised the ratio of female directors to more than 40%.

On the 2nd, the Games Organizing Committee held a board meeting under Chairman Hashimoto to discuss a plan to increase the number of female directors, which was seven, as a reform based on the remarks of former Chairman Mori, who can be regarded as a woman's disdain.

Then, on the 3rd, a board of councilors was held, and it was resolved to increase the number of directors to 45 or less, and then increase the number of female directors by 12 to 19, which is the target for the ratio of women in the board. It has increased to about 42%, exceeding the 40% that was supposed to be.

The newly appointed director is

Naoko Takahashi, director of the JOC = Japanese Olympic Committee, who won the gold medal at the women's marathon at the Sydney Olympics.

▽ Former athletes such as Kuniko Obinata, chairman of the Japan Paralympians Association, who won two gold medals in the winter para-alpine skiing, and Naoko Saiki, director of the Japan Rugby Association.

▽ President Kaori Sasaki of "E-Woman," which is engaged in the business of supporting working women.

▽ Chairman Yayoko Shiraishi of the Tokyo Metropolitan Sports Association for the Disabled.

▽ Professor Sawako Shirahase of the University of Tokyo Graduate School.

▽ Representative of Mitsue Haga of "Noboribetsu Asiri no Kai", an organization made up of Ainu people.

▽ Attorney Izumi Hayashi who served as a member of the judging committee of the tournament mascot.

▽ Professor Nobuko Hibino of Toin University of Yokohama.

▽ Keiko Paddy, Managing Director of JOC.

▽ Professor Harumi Yano of International University of Health and Welfare.

▽ Professor Keiko Kida of Chukyo University, who is the chairman of the "Japan Sports and Gender Society".

The 12 members were widely selected from various fields to reflect diverse opinions such as gender experts.

After the Board of Trustees, Chairman Hashimoto of the Organizing Committee expressed his motivation in the future, saying, "What is important is what to do, so I would like to receive suggestions from experts and disseminate them firmly."