Major League Baseball Mariners pitcher Yusei Kikuchi pitched for the first time in an open game against the Indians on the 2nd, pitching twice and scoring one goal and three strikeouts.

Mariners pitcher Kikuchi, who is in his third year of the Major League Baseball, started the open game against the Indians in Arizona on the 2nd.

Pitcher Kikuchi gave a walk from 2 outs once, and the 4th batter hit a timely two-base to take the lead.

In the next two times, I took two strikeouts with the slider and regained the trio, and got off the mound at this time.

Pitcher Kikuchi threw two times, one hit, one walk, and one run, and he stole three strikeouts.

The fastest ball speed was 96 miles, marking 154.6 kilometers.

After the match, pitcher Kikuchi said, "It was a fulfilling first match. There were so many parts that I could express that I had been working off, so I got off to a good start."

On top of that, he said about the goal for this season, "I think that if we improve the accuracy one by one, the numbers will definitely follow, and I want to believe that."