China News Service, Beijing, March 2-The 2020-2021 season of the CBA League ended on the 2nd of the third round of the first round (40th round). Guangdong, Liaoning, and Zhejiang, which were previously among the top three, all scored a good start in the Year of the Ox.

Among them, the Guangdong team extended the longest winning streak this season to 13 games, still occupying the top spot with one win ahead of the Liaoning team.

The Xinjiang team, ranked fourth, lost to the Shenzhen team by 1 point, ending their three-game winning streak.

  This season’s CBA League before the Spring Festival (February 6) ends the first two phases of the regular season. The third phase will start from March 1st to 2nd, which is also the first round after entering the Year of the Ox. "War" has become the most watched event of this round.

  The Guangdong team against the Guangzhou team’s "Guangdong Derby" did not "lie to one side" because of the disparity between the two teams (Guangzhou team ranked 15th). Instead, the Guangzhou team led 27:26 in the first quarter and ended the third quarter. , The Guangdong team only led by 2 points with 78:76, and finally passed the risk 105:98.

The Guangdong team's powerful foreign aid Ma Shang scored 42 points and 7 rebounds, becoming the biggest contributor to the Guangdong team's 13-game winning streak.

  The Beijing team defeated the Beikong team 93:83 and won the "Beijing Derby" victory.

The first three quarters of this campaign also showed a stalemate. The Beijing team led by 2 points 71:69, but the outbreak of the Beijing team in the fourth quarter shattered the hope of the Beijing Control team to comeback.

  The opponent of the Liaoning team this round is the Fujian team ranked 16th. With the perfect comeback of the "Guo Zihao" defender Zhao Jiwei, the Liaoning team won 110:97.

In the first quarter of this campaign, the Fujian team led by 28:23, but from the second quarter, Zhao Jiwei took over the game and led the team to a 37:22 climax in a single quarter, which solved the suspense of the victory of this campaign in advance.

  In this game, Zhao Jiwei scored 37 points and hit 8 three-pointers, all setting a new high in his personal career.

In the 38th round of the match on February 3, Zhao Jiwei injured his ankle. This battle was his first game since he returned from injury.

  In other hot events this round, the Xinjiang team lost to the Shenzhen team 103:104, becoming the only team in the current semi-finals to have suffered defeat; Zhejiang team defeated Nanjing team 119:86 and continued with Xinjiang team Occupy the third and fourth positions.

The Shanghai team, Shanxi team and Qingdao team all brought the "undergone" game in this round-the Shanghai team, which ranked 13th, once fell behind by 26 points, and beat the seventh Shandong team with 120:114; The 14th Shanxi team defeated the sixth Jilin team 116:107; the ninth Qingdao team beat the fifth Guangsha team 113:90.

  After the first 40 rounds of the CBA League this season, the teams ranked 5-12 are Guangsha, Jilin, Sichuan, Shandong, Qingdao, Shenzhen, Beijing Enterprises, and Beijing.

The Nanjing team and Tianjin team, which suffered 5 consecutive losses and 7 consecutive losses respectively, finished the bottom with the same points.