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revealer who raised suspicion of sexual violence against Ki Sung-yong changed his position, saying, "We will not disclose the evidence to the public."

If you are sued, you are going to bring evidence to the court.

Reporter Lee Jeong-chan covered it.


Attorney Park Ji-hoon, the legal representative of the extortionist, told SBS on the 26th that there is clear evidence of sexual violence and that Ki Sung-yong continues to deny the allegations, so the evidence could be disclosed.

[Park Ji-hoon/Revelator's legal representative (last 26th): Of course you can disclose it.

I think we should take extraordinary measures.]

After that, when Ki Sung-yong requested the release of the evidence,

[Ki Sung-yong/FC Seoul (last month 27): It is just a matter of quickly

revealing the

evidence and quickly explaining the evidence. I can't understand why it's driving public opinion.]

"I'll reveal all the evidence sooner or later," and I changed my position in two days.

The evidence is that it will only be submitted to investigative agencies and courts.

I heard the reason that "it is difficult to disclose evidence to the public in order to protect the moral rights of people in the material."

At the same time, they asked Sung-Yong Ki to file a lawsuit against them.

He made an unusual request to sue the person who was alleged to be the perpetrator while alleging the damage.

In response, Sung-Yong Ki's agent reaffirmed its existing position, "We will take all legal actions."

If it leads to a court dispute, Ki Sung-yong must prove that the claims made by the revelators are false, while the revelators must prove the truth of the damage.

[Gimmunjung / law firm LOGOS lawyer: Ki players I look hard to get is to demonstrate (that) the fact that in perspective, because they submitted evidence from the victim side to the evidence seems to be determined in court]

issue that caused a huge wave As such, if it leads to a defamation lawsuit, it will take a considerable amount of time for the truth to be hidden.

(Video coverage: Kim Won-bae, video editing: Kim Byeong-jik)