"What does

Valencia CF


? People who know football, are hungry for success, are passionate and who understand how great Valencia is as a club. First step.

We need football people at the club


Thus ends the last


published by the

prince of Johor

, Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim, on his official Instagram account at the stroke of midnight yesterday.

It was the last of a series that stirred up Valencianism throughout the afternoon.

Just a few hours after

Anil Murthy

landed in Valencia after meeting

Peter Lim

in Singapore, the businessman's personal friend slipped his interest in Valencia, and not only with sports comments, but also by publishing economic reports that estimate that the club has a value. of

408 million euros

and that its degree of influence is among the 20 among the best in the world.

All this was completed with a thoughtful emoticon until the last message directly addressed to the fans arrived.

The prince makes it clear that

he is not "a businessman" but "a prince"

, who does not move for money, but for "glory and making history."

Passionate about soccer, he owns Johor Darul Ta'zim FC and highlights that he managed to "go from fighting every year to avoid relegation to being a consolidated champion. We have won 16 titles in eight years. We are the largest in the Southeast in Asia and one of the largest in Asia. "

"I want to expand my empire, spread my wings and advance new challenges. Last but not least,

I am not going to change your shield or tradition

. As I said at the beginning, I am royalty, not a businessman. I am here for glory, success and history, "he adds.

"What does Valencia need? You need someone who knows football, is hungry for success, is passionate and understands how great Valencia is as a club. First step, we need football people at the club. Period."

This last message was followed this morning by several photographs in the box of his stadium and another that anticipates his

possible trip to Spain

: together with two friends in front of a seafood rice he assures "Heating ...".

June is the date that has been marked

to reach "another level" and adds: "Success is forward, not backward."

Does Peter Lim want to sell?

These messages come at a difficult time for Meriton.

They have always denied their intention to sell, but the sporting career, the economic situation and the gap with the fans are obstacles that it seems very difficult for them to overcome.

Today there will be a meeting between Anil Murthy with the president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, in which he will have to propose an

economic plan to reactivate the works of the new Mestalla

if he does not want to lose the urban benefits that were granted to him in 2015, valued at more than 15 million euros.

Not restarting the stadium change operation would lead the club to the brink of the cause of dissolution.

And the only way to do it is with an endorsement from Peter Lim for the total or part of the works.

These demands may have caused the Singaporean businessman to change his idea of ​​transferring ownership of the club at the end of the season or, at least, to look for

a partner on whom to discharge the management


By the messages of Tunku Ismail ibni Sultan Ibrahim, he is one of the interested

The prince of Johor has been several times in Mestalla with Peter Lim and even in the Sports City of Paterna knowing the squad.

His last visit to Valencia was in 2018. Passionate about football, he is a friend of

Jorge Mendes

and has had a relationship with

Cristiano Ronaldo

, David Beckham, Mourinho or Gerard Piqué.

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