The Bahrain Grand Prix of the year 2021 will not only mark the start of the new F1 season, but also a small revolution.

The traditional champagne of victory gives way to prosecco from the Ferrari brand, Maison Devavry not having renewed its contract.

Take a jeroboam of champagne and shake it before opening it to sprinkle the other drivers on the podium: this image of Épinal of a Formula 1 victory will end with the start of the season, which begins in three weeks with the Bahrain Grand Prix.

In question, the replacement of the official drink of the podiums.

Maison Devavry's Carbone champagne thus gives way to Ferrari brand prosecco, which has nothing to do with the eponymous Scuderia.

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A more profitable operation for Maison Devavry

It is therefore the end of a three-year adventure between F1 and Maison Devavry, which had already replaced Mumm and Moët & Chandon.

Because if the F1 market brings prestige to a brand, it is very expensive.

The entry ticket to the championship podiums costs several million euros, and it is clear that this operation was no longer so profitable in the eyes of Maison Devavry.

She therefore did not renew her contract with the organizers of the F1 championship. 

This victory drink change puts an end to a tradition that dates back to 1967. It remains to be seen whether the cork of this sparkling Italian wine jumps as well as that of an XXL bottle of champagne.

Answer in three weeks, after the Bahrain Grand Prix.