Former FC Barcelona president Josep María Bartomeu was released on bail by Spanish police on Tuesday.

The former driver had spent a night in jail after he was arrested on Monday.

Bartomeu is suspected of having hired a lot of money during his time as chairman of a company that launched an online smear campaign against his opponents, including Lionel Messi, Gerard Piqué and former players such as Xavi and Pep Guardiola.

Jaume Masferrer (Bartomeu's adviser), Barcelona director Òscar Grau and the head of legal affairs Roman Gomez Ponti were also arrested on Monday.

The Spanish tax information and investigation service is leading the operation.

Bartomeu and Masferrer appealed their right to remain silent on Tuesday, after which they were released.

Grau and Ponti were released on Monday and did not have to go to jail.

On Monday, a police raid was made at FC Barcelona.

On Monday, a police raid was made at FC Barcelona.

Photo: Pro Shots

Police raided Barcelona

On Monday, a raid was also carried out at FC Barcelona.

The club said in a statement on Monday that a full investigation is being granted and that the documents seized are purely related to the Bartomeu case, although they did not mention his name.

Bartomeu left in October last year under great pressure as chairman.

The Spaniard came under increasing fire, especially because of his feud with star player Messi, who wanted to leave.

The board filed a motion of no confidence against Bartomeu, but the Spaniard kept the honor to himself and, together with the entire board, decided to leave Camp Nou.

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