Data map: Djokovic.

  Chinanews client, March 1st. Beijing time, the new ATP world rankings were released. Djokovic continued to be the number one in the world this week, and his total number of weeks as number one in the world has reached this point. In 310 weeks, he tied the historical record held by Federer.

  In the men's singles final of the 2021 Australian Open, which ended on February 21, Beijing time, the world's number one Djokovic defeated the new generation 7:5, 6:2, 6:2 and a big score of 3:0. Medvedev is among the best.

While he won the Norman Brooks Challenge Cup for the ninth time, he set another Australian Open men's singles record held by him.

This is also the 28th time that Djokovic has entered the Grand Slam men's singles final, which is equal to Nadal. He is second only to Federer's 31 times in active service.

  Not only that, because Nadal stopped in the quarterfinals of the Australian Open, Djokovic has determined that he can maintain the title of "world number one" at least until the end of March in the Miami Masters.

By then, he will officially surpass Federer (310 weeks) in the world's first total number of weeks and become the first person in the history of this record.

  In an earlier interview, Djokovic regarded both the number of Grand Slams and the number of the first week in the world as the number one in history as two major goals for his career.

After winning the Australian Open, Djokovic raised the number of individual Grand Slam titles to 18, two short of Federer and Nadal.