At a men's golf tournament held in Florida, USA, many players played in the clothes that Tiger Woods wears on the final day, wearing a red shirt and black trousers, and he was seriously injured in a car accident. I hoped that Woods would recover quickly.

Woods suffered a car accident near Los Angeles in the western United States on February 23, suffered a serious injury such as a broken right leg, and underwent emergency surgery and is still in the hospital.

Under these circumstances, the first men's golf world championship series tournament after the accident reached the final round in Florida on the 28th, and many top players such as Rory McIlroy of the United Kingdom wear red shirts and black trousers. We hoped that Woods would recover quickly by playing in the clothes that Woods would wear on the final day.

In response, Woods wrote on his Twitter account, "When I turned on the TV, everyone was wearing a red shirt and I was indescribably impressed. All golfers and fans really wanted to overcome this difficult time. It has helped me, "he said, and thanked his colleagues for their encouragement.