The Toyota Yaris is the Car of the Year in Europe 2021. This was just announced in a virtual ceremony broadcast from the Palexpo in Geneva, where the Geneva Motor Show has historically been held

and the scene, for 10 years, of the delivery of this award founded in 1964.

The Japanese utility vehicle, which had already won the award in 2000, when the first generation was launched.

This year it has garnered 266 points among the 59 journalists (six Spanish and one from El Mundo / Unidad Editorial) from 22 countries that made up the jury.

In second place was the

Fiat 500e, the new generation of this now 100 electric icon (240 points).


the Cupra Formentor appears in third place,

with a surprising result (239) as it is the first 100% model of a brand with only three years of presence in the market.

The first Toyota Yaris already won this award in 2000

The rest of the scores were as follows:

the Volkswagen ID.3, a 100% electric model like the Fiat.

it obtained 224, for the 199 of the Skoda Octavia;

164 from the Land Rover Defender and 143 points from the Citroën C4.

The latter, an interesting model but penalized because, technologically, a large part of its arguments were already voted last year with the Peugeot 208, winner of the trophy at the time.

Here is a brief review of the seven finalists.

Regarding the results in the group of Spanish juries, Cupra Formentor was the undisputed winner, with 43 points.

The second most voted car was the Citroen C4 (26), followed by the Toyota Yaris and the Skoda Octavia, both with 21 points.

However, a result that is the sum of very different votes from each of the six journalists who represent our country.

The current generation is still small, it is not even four meters long

The victor's arguments

Less surprising than expected, since for many of the journalists the Yaris was the great cover of this edition, the Japanese model has shown very weighty arguments and both based on the tremendous know-how of a group like Toyota.

On the one hand, it has a 116-horsepower self-recharging hybrid version that, thanks to the new platform and a highly evolved powertrain, gives a masterful lesson in efficiency.

It is not impossible to consume less than three liters in the city ... without having to be aware of a plug such as a plug in, for example.

In addition, it has made very notable progress in the dynamic part, in the quality of construction and in the safety equipment.

Also in terms of style, although this point is subjective.

The interesting thing is that to that facet, it then contrasts the more radical and sporty face of the GR variant


Basically, a car that has half a Yaris, the other half a Corolla and all of this tuned from Toyota's (winning) experience in the World Rally WRC.

The Yaris GR has 261 hp and four-wheel drive, it is a true racing-customer

With 261 CV of power, six-speed manual transmission and 4x4 traction, it is (outside of the specialist brands) the purest sports car, almost a customer racing, which has been made in recent years

and, surely, will be the subject of collectors.

In fact, you can already find units for sale as used for which you ask for up to 6,000 euros more than new.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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