• Chronicle.A Madrid without punch falls off the League

Shot out.

Shot out.

Shot, out ... The first part of

Real Madrid

was almost sensational.

He only lacked the goal.

An all too common circumstance this season.




Real Sociedad

but was unable to open the scoring.

And perhaps that is why, out of desperation at not finding the net, the French coach moved his hornet's nest after the break.

He left the 4-3-3 with

Isco released

, inserted


between the centrals, gave the lanes to




and centered Alarcón ahead of

Modric and Kroos


The idea might make sense, but it failed.

Madrid broke down, giving spaces to a Real who took advantage of the opportunity they had: header from Portu and goal.

With the 0-1, Zidane recovered his initial formation and his players the lost order.


I was not happy with our pressure

. It has been those 10-15 minutes and we changed it again. We were better playing 4-3-3," explained the Frenchman, who responded with a "may be" when asked if that change of scheme hurt the team.

The Frenchman acknowledged that they are "

two lost points

", but admitted that they had enough chances to take the victory: "

Very clear, but it was not possible, they did not want to enter

. We deserved much more. They had one and they got it. We dominated, but this is football. There is still. Patience and tranquility, "he asked.

"Vini is working hard"

Zidane once again trusted an Isco who was one of the best in the first half, as in


, but who ran out of gasoline after the intermission.

A carbon copy of Wednesday night in Italy.

It is the first time this season that he has appeared in the starting eleven for two consecutive games: "I wanted to find an alternative to Vini in this game with Isco. After an hour I had to change. I was not very comfortable with what I saw on the field and You have to change when you don't see it clearly. Those who left entered very well, "he declared.

From the bench they stepped on the grass, in addition to


, the Brazilian


and the Uruguayan

Fede Valverde

, both already recovered from the injuries that have kept them out of the calls in recent months.

The youngsters, increasing the level of the white substitutes in these last dates, gave another face to the team.


I am happy for Vini

. He is working hard," said the Frenchman.

The Brazilian, in his 100th game, saw the door.

"We left sad that we did not get the victory we needed. We had won five games before," said the young forward: "I have spoken with my family today. I am proud to play 100 games in this shirt."

Courtois: "At Wanda we play a lot"

Thibaut Courtois

was keeping a clean sheet during the last matches ... Until the header from Portu arrived: "They made us a great goal," admitted the Belgian.

"We had a good game in the first half. In the second we started badly and the game got difficult. We didn't have time to look for the second goal."

Regarding the leadership, who now observe five points, the goalkeeper insisted on the days ahead: "Some games we are going to lose points.

At Wanda we play a lot to keep putting pressure


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