Last weekend, the equine herpes virus (EHV-1), also known as the abortion virus, was discovered at the international jumping competitions in Valencia - a virus that spread rapidly in the competition area.

Today, according to figures from the International Equestrian Federation, 150 horses are still quarantined at the competition site, 17 horses have been confirmed with the virus - and four have died.

"Follows developments minute by minute"

But about 600 horses have had time to leave the competition site - now the equestrian federations around Europe are following developments closely.

- This is not a disease that you want in the stable.

So we follow the development closely minute by minute, day by day, says Andrea Barth to Hippson.

Found in Sweden

According to the newspaper Ridsport, the infection has also been found in Sweden.

- There are samples from both sick and healthy animals (symptom-free animals, red note) where it has been possible to detect the virus in horses that are connected to Valencia, says Gittan Gröndahl, acting state veterinarian at SVA to Ridsport.