Fabien Galthié and Bernard Laporte ended up admitting the impermeability of the sanitary bubble in Marcoussis.



Charged by the Minister of Sports to launch an internal investigation after the discovery of the now famous Marcoussisi cluster, Bernard Laporte confirmed, Sunday evening on France 3, that the coach Fabien Galthié was well out of the health bubble of the XV of France to attend to a game of his son.

The day after the victory in Italy (50-10), Galthié therefore went on February 7 to the Jean-Bouin stadium, in Paris, to attend a hopeful meeting between Colomiers, where his son Mathis, 19, is playing, and the French Stadium.

“For me, he has the right from the moment he is masked.

He was outside.

I was told that he had watched the match next to Thomas Lombard (general manager of Stade Français), who himself is tested every three days and who wore the mask, ”explained Laporte on the Stade set. 2. “I don't see where there would be a problem with this.

But again, I'm not a doctor, ”he added.

Galthié not threatened

The president of the FFR also reaffirmed his support for Galthié.

"Why shouldn't I support him?"

I am not a prosecutor.

And it's not because I like Fabien.

He knows very well that I would not give a gift to anyone, ”warned the president of the federation.

Moreover, after having initially silenced our colleagues from


on a specific point of the Roman trip, Laporte finally affirmed that the players who went to eat waffles in Rome before the match against Italy “Were retested on their way home”.

Laporte also considered that Serge Simon, vice-president of the FFR and “Covid manager” of the Blues, was “not in check”.

“We live inside this XV of France what a lot of people live in the company.

We have a cluster that has returned, that's obvious.

Serge Simon applies what we are told to do, ”he added.

While the Minister of Sports Roxana Maracineanu called for an internal investigation at the FFR to shed light on this cluster, a report carried out in collaboration with the federation's medical commission must be submitted “Tuesday”, Laporte indicated.


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