According to the results of two rentals, the 14-year-old skater scored 238.00 points - 88.71 for the short program and 149.29 for the free program.

Maya Khromykh took the second place with a score of 235.96 (162.19 + 73.77) points.

Daria Usacheva closed the top three with 229.71 (79.12 + 149.29).

Elizaveta Tuktamysheva, who took the third place after the short program, became the fourth - 226.01 (77.74 + 148.27) points.

Alena Kostornaya took the sixth place at the end of the competition, gaining 210.20 (70.14 + 140.06) points.

Earlier it was reported that Mishina and Gallyamov won the final of the Russian Cup in figure skating.