Shohei Ohtani of the Major League Baseball Angels practiced pitching against batters at the camp on the 27th, marking 161 km at the fastest, and strongly appealed for his recovery from injury to his right elbow.

Otani was diagnosed with a muscle injury near his right elbow last season and ended up pitching two games as a pitcher.

This season, we are continuing to make adjustments at a camp in Arizona with the aim of reviving the dual wield style of pitching, and on the 27th, we practiced pitching in the camp for the second time.

Otani played against 5 batters, throwing 20 balls in the first inning, 15 balls in the second inning, and 35 balls, which is 15 more than the previous time.

There was no hit, and according to the team, the fastest ball speed was 100 miles, marking 161 km, which strongly appealed the recovery from the injury of the right elbow.

It is the first time that Otani's ball speed has exceeded 160 km after undergoing surgery on his right elbow in October 2018.

The Angels will face the Giants on the 28th, but according to the team, Otani will not accompany the team and will adjust with a different menu.