On the 27th, pitcher Kenta Maeda of the Major League Baseball Twins practiced pitching in a real-life style for the first time at the camp, throwing two innings and making adjustments for the open game.

Twins pitcher Maeda has practiced pitching with a bullpen three times at a camp in Arizona, and on the 27th, he practiced pitching in a practical manner for the first time.

Pitcher Maeda played 8 at-bats with the batter, assuming 2 innings, and threw 34 balls.

Since the batter mainly confirmed the trajectory of pitcher Maeda's ball, there was no hit, such as holding one person to a short ground ball.

After the practice, pitcher Maeda responded to the interview, saying, "I was able to throw all types of balls and it felt good. I would like to gradually improve the accuracy of cut balls and two seams."

Next time, I am planning to pitch in the open game, "I think that throwing in the game will give you a feeling of tension that is different from practice, so I want to prepare to enter the season firmly while regaining the sense of actual battle." I was talking.

Also, regarding the fact that the photo of himself in a guts pose was selected for the cover of this season's guidebook for Twins, which will be distributed to the press, "I am very happy to be treated as the main player. Please give it out, "he said with a smile.