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Spanish professional football, Lionel Messi flew to Barcelona.

Even if the opponents tried to block them with all sorts of fouls, Messi couldn't be beaten.

This is Kim Young-seong.

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Messi caught the ball, the Sevilla players stopped with their whole bodies.

He smacked his face and knocked his elbows away from the judge's eyes, but he couldn't stop Messi.

It is Barcelona's opening goal in the 29th minute.

Dembele ran to grab the ball that Messi had pierced sharply and broke the net with a left footed shot.

Messi assisted the winning goal with a quick one-time pass before the opposition defensively settled near the center line.

Sevilla players caught and beaten from behind to stop Messi and made various fouls, but to no avail.

In the second half of the 40th minute, Messi digs into the left side of the penalty area with a brilliant personal skill and scored the goal.

When the goalkeeper blocked the shot with his left foot, he flew away and pushed him in with his right foot.

Barcelona, ​​who won 2-0 amid the performance of Messi, who scored one goal and one help, rose to second place in the league, and Messi, the lead scorer, widened the gap from second place to three goals with the 19th goal in the league.


Premier League leader Manchester City continued their 20th consecutive win after defeating West Ham 2-1.

Coach Guardiola achieved a personal career of 500 with 200 wins in the shortest EPL period ever.

(Video editing: Oh Young-taek)