Ligue 2, day 27: At the Gabriel-Montpied stadium, a crushing victory for Clermont Foot against VAFC (4-0) -

20 Minutes

Clermont Foot and VAFC met at the Gabriel-Montpied stadium for the 27th day of Ligue 2. Strongly dominated, the VA could not do anything against Clermont Foot and ended the match with a score of 4 to 0 Dossou did not give a present today.

He finished the match with a brace.

It was in a balanced 4-2-3-1 that Gastien set up his starting 11, with Bayo leading the way.

Guégan put his Valenciennes players in the usual 4-3-3.

In the 30th, the Clermontois scored the first goal thanks to Bayo.

Immediately after, Clermont Foot saw its lead in the score widen, thanks to Dossou in the 31st.

At the break, the two teams parted momentarily on the score of 2-0.

He reiterated in the 56th: with one goal in quick succession, he will have scored the match.

The last goal of the meeting was scored in the 59th for Clermont Foot by Jim Allevinah.

A yellow card was distributed to Zedadka.

Ntim received a red card in the 6th.

Clermont Foot provisionally remains in 2nd position, ahead of Troyes.

The defeat of the VAFC causes the club to lose 2 places, the Valenciennes players therefore temporarily fall to 12th place.

Clermont Foot and VAFC: the next matches

For its next match, Clermont Foot will face Guingamp at the Stade Municipal de Roudourou on March 2 at 8 p.m. for the next day.

For its part, the VAFC will meet the TFC on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Stade du Hainaut.

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The meeting in brief

Clermont Foot - VAFC: 4-0 (2-0 at half-time)

In Clermont-Ferrand (Gabriel-Montpied stadium), on February 27, kick-off at 7 p.m.

VAFC trainer: Olivier Guégan

Composition of the VAFC: Jérôme Prior (1), Emmanuel Ntim (25), Ismael Doukoure (20), Eric Vandenabeele (15), Joeffrey Cuffaut (14), Mathis Picouleau (27) (then Théo Pellenard in the 67th), Jaba Kankava (6), Sessi D'Almeida (4) (then Laurent Dos Santos in the 46th), Kévin Cabral (26) (then Malek Chergui in the 67th), Baptiste Guillaume (18) (then Arsène Elogo Guintangui in the 61st), Gaëtan Robail (9) (then Noah Diliberto in the 61st)

Clermont Foot coach: Pascal Gastien

Composition of Clermont Foot: Arthur Desmas (1), Florent Ogier (21), Akim Zedadka (20) (then Alidu Seidu in the 61st), Josué Albert (17), Vital N'Simba (12), Johan Gastien (25) , Jodel Dossou (24) (then Jordan Tell in the 61st), Yohann Magnin (7), Jason Berthomier (6) (then Lorenzo Rajot in the 70th), Mohamed Bayo (27) (then Jonathan Iglesias in the 70th), Jim Emilien Ngowet Allevinah (11) (then David Cafimipon Gomis in the 60th)

Goals: Bayo (30th), Dossou (31st), Dossou (56th), Jim Allevinah (59th)

Warnings: Zedadka (47th) for Clermont Foot

Expelled players: Ntim (6th) for the VAFC

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