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  • Eredivisie

  • Four games

  • 2.30 pm:

  • PSV-Ajax

  • Groningen Fortuna

  • 4.45 pm:

  • AZ - Feyenoord

  • Rash:

  • Sparta-Willem II


PSV-Ajax · in 2 days

Schmidt: 'Europa League matches boost confidence'

PSV must play against Ajax the disappointment of the Europa League elimination, but Roger Schmidt emphasizes that he mainly sees the positive points of the European matches.

"We played well against Olympiacos and have a lot of confidence in that game. It was just unfortunate how it ended", the trainer told



Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

Mike Trésor leads Willem II to crucial victory over Sparta

Willem II records the first win of the season at Sparta.

Che Nunnely opened the score with a head on a pass from Mike Trésor.

Ten minutes before the end, Fortes caused a penalty and got red for that.

Trésor used the penalty kick and thus decided the match.

Because of the victory, Willem II hops over ADO again after sixteenth place.

in 2 days

FC Groningen-Fortuna Sittard · in 2 days

Velthuizen returns to Eredivisie

At 2.30 pm there will also be a kick-off in Groningen, where Fortuna Sittard will visit.

The 34-year-old Piet Velthuizen reported to Fortuna's training last Wednesday, made an immediate impression and can start immediately.

Line-up FC Groningen:


Dankerlui, Te Wierik, Itakura, Van Hintum;

Schreck, Van Kaam, Suslov;

El Hankouri, Larsen Beach, Da Cruz.

Setup Fortuna Sittard:


Tirpan, Angha, Janssen, Cox;

Tekie, Rienstra, Seuntjens;

Semedo, Polter, Flemming.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

The moment Mike Trésor doubles the lead for Willem II.

After the victory of Emmen and the draw of ADO yesterday, Willem II seems to take three very expensive points in the battle at the bottom.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

85 'After the 0-2 and the red card from Fortes, the game seems to be over, although Thy is still close to the tying goal.

However, he does not get to the ball after substitute Reda Kharchouch returned the ball.

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days

At Ajax, Quinten Timber (left) is on the bench for the first time in the Eredivisie.

His brother, Jurriën Timber, is kicking off for the seventh time in the Eredivisie this season.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

78 'GOAL Willem II! 


Mike Trésor uses the penalty kick.

The Tilburgers seem to sit on roses.

in 2 days

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

77 'Red card Sparta! 

Blom is called to the side by calling the VAR, but not to reverse the penalty.

Instead, he gives Fortes red, instead of the yellow card he gave earlier.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

75 'Penalty Willem II! 

Fortes pulls Pavlidis down and Blom is determined: he puts the ball on the dot.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

70 'There, Willem II seemed to be 0-2.

Kwasi Wriedt conveniently turns away from Bart Vriends in the sixteen and seems to be able to score, but he just doesn't get to the ball properly.

This was partly because Vriends still seriously hindered the striker, but Blom does not see a penalty in it.

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days

An important absentee from Roger Schmidt's selection is Mohammed Ihattaren.

The club says: "The decision to keep Ihattaren out of the selection was taken earlier this weekend. The entire staff, group of players and management have done everything they can to support him in the past period. He did not take that opportunity. "

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

67 'GOAL Willem II! 


Out of nowhere Willem II opens the score.

Ché Nunnely has a handy header in the far corner.

Mike Trésor is the man of the assist with a good cross from the right.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

61 'Sparta now insists a little more.

Lennart Thy gets a good chance, but the German heads over.

in 2 days

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days

For example, the bus of the Amsterdammers left for the Philips Stadium earlier today.




Avatar Author F-SIDEMoment of places 12: 25-28 February 2021

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

It is not yet a spectacular second half at Het Kasteel.

Sparta usually has the ball, but the most threat comes from Willem II.

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days


PSV will play against Ajax with the same eleven names as last Thursday against Olympiacos.

A notable absentee in the selection of the Eindhoven team is Mo Ihattaren, the midfielder allegedly collided with trainer Roger Schmidt during training last week.

PSV line-up:


Dumfries, Teze, Viergever, Max;

Rosario, Boscagli;

Thomas, Gotze;

Zahavi, Malen.

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days


At Ajax, Daley Blind has been found fit enough for the top match against PSV.

The 74-time international starts as a left back, while the rest of the defense is formed by Lisandro Martínez, Jurriën Timber and Devyne Rensch.

Ajax setup:


Rensch, Timber, Martinez, Blind;

Gravenberch, Álvarez, Klaassen;

Antony, Haller, Tadic.

in 2 days

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days

The battlefield for today's first top match: the Philips Stadium in Eindhoven.

📍 EindhovenTeam news incoming - Your ideal XI?



Avatar Author AFC Ajax Moment of places 12:01 - 28 February 2021

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

49 'Where it was Sparta that started well in the first half, the first opportunity after the break is for the visitors.

Owusu lashes out, but shoots next to and over.

in 2 days

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

46 'Sparta and Willem II have started the second half.

Sven Mijnans has been replaced by Bryan Smeets for the home team.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

The most important statistics of the first half:

  • Sparta-Willem II

  • Stand: 0-0

  • Shots: 9-8

  • Shots on goal: 2-0

  • Possession: 52 percent-48 percent

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days


Sparta and Willem II visit the dressing rooms halfway through with a 0-0 draw.

The most danger comes in the opening phase of the Spartans, after which Willem II takes over the initiative in the match in the future.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

45 + 3 'Trésor is by far the most active player of the Tilburgers this afternoon.

This time he is found by Pavlidis, but his attempt just misses.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

45 'Partly due to the injury of Michael Pinto, at least four minutes of injury time are added in the first half.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

43 'The first yellow card of the match is credited to Deroy Duarte, who unlawfully overturns the very fast Trésor.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

39 'Trésor has the option of putting one of his teammates in position, but he decides to play himself.

He does that not without merit, because the shot of the 21-year-old midfielder only just goes wide.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

The image of the first half hour in Rotterdam: Sparta is the most dangerous, while Willem II tries to keep it closed in the back for the time being.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

30 'Pinto cannot continue, so Meijers comes within the lines after a short warm-up.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

29 'Sparta defender Michael Pinto prevents a goal attempt by Willem II with the utmost effort, but the wing defender seems to be injured.

Henk Fraser immediately sends Aaron Meijers into the warm-up.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

24 'Willem II gets a little more grip on the match, but it does not lead to real opportunities yet.

This time it is Willem II midfielder Spieringhs, who kills the attack himself with a wild shot.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

22 'Willem II midfielder Trésor is too selfish, after which Sparta quickly switches via Mijnans, Gravenberch and Thy.

29-year-old Thy eventually tries to lash out, but he completely mows over the ball.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

The most danger comes in the opening phase of the home team in Rotterdam.

Sparta has already shot four times towards goal, while Willem II only fired on Maduka Okoye's goal once.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

10 'Again a Spartan head becomes dangerous.

Lennart Thy, also good for a goal in the previous game against Willem II, sees his attempt go just wide.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

4 'The first danger comes from Sparta, which becomes dangerous via Danzell Gravenberch.

The striker moves to the flank for a moment and then sees Deroy Duarte heading the ball over the goal after his cross.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days


 The visitors from Tilburg get the ball moving at Het Kasteel, so that Super Sunday has really started.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

The weather conditions are excellent at Het Kasteel with 7 degrees Celsius and plenty of sun.

Another ten minutes until the kick-off of Super Sunday!


Here we go 🏃‍♂️ #SPAWIL


Avatar AuthorWillem IIMoment of places10: 44 - February 28, 2021

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

Also at Willem II we see three changes in the starting line-up compared to the last Eredivisie game (at home against ADO).

Sven van Beek, who immediately scored eleven goals in his first two games, is kicking off.

Derrick Köhn and Mike Trésor also return to the base.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

At Sparta, Danzell Gravenberch is one of the Spartans who returns to the starting line-up.

Last week, he scored two goals as a substitute at Ajax (4-2).

Adil Auassar and Sven Mijnans also return to the starting line-up.

in 2 days

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days


The 22 names that will appear at the kick-off at Het Kasteel are known.

These are the line-ups of Sparta and Willem II:

Sparta Rotterdam



Abels, Vriends, Heylen, Pinto;

Harroui, Auassar, Mijnans, D. Duarte;

Thy, Gravenberch. 

Willem II



Owusu, Van Beek, Holmén, Köhn;

Spieringhs, Trésor, Llonch;

Nunnely, Wriedt, Pavlidis.

Sparta Rotterdam-Willem II · in 2 days

We start the day in Rotterdam with the duel between Sparta and Willem II.

The Tilburgers saw yesterday how FC Emmen (1-0 victory over FC Utrecht) and ADO Den Haag (0-0 against RKC) managed to achieve a result and so the Brabanders have to get to work.


Good morning from Het Kasteel, where Willem II will be kicked off at 12:15!



Avatar Author Sparta Rotterdam Moment of places 08: 22 - 28 February 2021

PSV-Ajax · in 2 days

Later this afternoon the battle between the number one and two of the competition.

PSV is currently the biggest attacker of Ajax, six points behind, while the team from Amsterdam has played one less match.

Is the gap getting bigger or smaller this afternoon?

Eredivisie · in 2 days

This is now the position in the Eredivisie:

  • Ajax 22-



  • PSV 23-



  • AZ 23-



  • Vitesse 24-



  • Feyenoord 23-



  • FC Groningen 23-



  • FC Twente 24-



  • FC Utrecht 23-



  • Fortuna Sittard 23-



  • Heerenveen 24-



  • Heracles 24-



  • PEC Zwolle 24-



  • Sparta Rotterdam 22-



  • RKC Waalwijk 24-



  • VVV-Venlo 23-



  • ADO The Hague 24-



  • Willem II 23-



  • FC Emmen 24-



  • Eredivisie · in 2 days

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    There are four matches on the program, including the top players PSV-Ajax and AZ-Feyenoord.

    12.15 pm: Sparta-Willem II

    2.30 pm: PSV-Ajax

    2.30 pm: FC Groningen-Fortuna Sittard

    4.45 pm: AZ - Feyenoord

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