Ligue 2, day 27: Pau beats the HAC 2-0 at home -

20 Minutes

As part of the 27th day of Ligue 2, Pau le HAC at the Stade du Hameau.

Led by the score, the Havre lost 2-0 against a more efficient opponent from Pau.

Tholot organized his team in a balanced 4-2-3-1, with Sabaly leading the way.

Le Guen put his Le Havre players in the usual 4-3-3.

The first act witnessed no goal.

Unlocking the counter in the 60th, George Clayton allowed his team to really start the game.

Finally, the last goal of the match was scored by Beusnard in the 79th, for the benefit of the Béarnais.

The referee handed out a yellow card to Boutaib, George Clayton and Sabaly.

Despite his victory, Pau remains at the bottom of the standings and will have to win other games to hope to avoid relegation.

Le Havre players suffered a defeat and, losing one place, the club fell to 10th place in the provisional classification.

Pau and HAC: the next matches

For its next match, Pau will face Châteauroux at Stade du Hameau on March 2 at 8 p.m. for the next day.

For its part, the HAC will meet Grenoble on the same day at exactly the same time, at the Stade Océane.

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The match sheet

Pau - HAC: 2-0 (0-0 at half-time)

In Pau (Stade du Hameau), on February 27, kick-off at 7 p.m.

HAC Coach: Paul Le Guen

Composition of the HAC: Mathieu Gorgelin (1), Pierre Gibaud (27), Woyo Coulibaly (26) (then Nabil Alioui in the 68th), Fernand Mayembo (5), Umut Meraş (3), Victor Lekhal (22), Alexandre Bonnet (17) (then Quentin Cornette in the 84th), Jean-Pascal Fontaine (7), Romain Basque (6), Jamal Thiaré (14), Khalid Boutaib (13) (then Hervé Bazile in the 68th)

Pau coach: Didier Tholot

Composition of Pau: Alexandre Olliero (1), Antoine Batisse (17), Scotty Sadzoute (3), Souleymane Diarra (14), Victor Lobry (8), Erwin Koffi (7), Quentin Daubin (6) (then Mahamadou Dembele in the 84th), Laglais Xavier Kouassi (4), Cleilton Monteiro da Costa (26) (then Abdourahmane Ndiaye in the 84th), Mayron George Clayton (12) (then Moulaye Idrissa Ba in the 71st), Cheikh Tidiane Sabaly (11) ( then Benjamin Bertrand at the 75th)

Goals: George Clayton (60th), Beusnard (79th)

Warnings: Sabaly (55th), George Clayton (64th) for Pau, Boutaib (16th) for the HAC

No player sent off

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