Heungkuk Life, who has been leading the women's volleyball team, has fallen to second place in 120 days. GS Caltex grabbed Heungkuk Life Insurance and climbed to the top by winning four consecutive victories.

This is Yoo Byung-min.


Heungkuk Life Insurance, which boasted a member of the national team, was nicknamed "Heungkuk Life Insurance Anyway," and "Uh Woo-heung", and has been in the lead for four months since October 31 last year.

However, after Lee Jae-young and Lee Da-young escaped due to controversy earlier this month, they sluggish with 1 win and 3 loss in 4 games, and in the meantime, 2nd place GS Caltex ran 3 consecutive wins and pursued a fiercely.

Interest was focused on the match between the two teams in a three-point difference, but Heungkuk Life Insurance, who was able to keep the lead only by going to the full set even if they lost, was burdened from before the game.

[Director Park Mi-hee/Heungkuk Life Insurance: If the players focus too much on the rankings, it will interfere with the game... There are remaining games.] The

pressure immediately affected my performance.

Heungkuk Life Insurance gave out 1st and 2nd sets helplessly as the receive was shaken by GS Caltex's Gang Serve.

Kim Yeon-kyung won the 3rd set and pursued it, but in the 4th set, the receive collapsed again, and in the end, the match was given.

Heungkuk Life Insurance tied GS Caltex with 53 points, but was pushed back from the set goal and went down to second place in 120 days.

Spring volleyball was confirmed, but considering the current performance, the direct ticket to Heungkuk Life’s Champ match, which has been held, is not easy.